Center Less Machine CA -18S

MODEL RC-18S unit
Grinding range (dia.) 2-50 mm
Grinding wheel size (dia. x width x hole ) 455*205*228.6 mm
Regulating wheel size (dia.x width x hole) 255*205*111.2         280*205*139.7 (B series) mm
Grinding wheel speed (Peripheral Speed ) 2000 m/min
Regulating wheel speed 13-308 (10 steps)/10-300 (Bseries) R.P.M
Grinding wheel motor 15 HP
Regulating wheel motor 2HP / 1.8 kw (servo motor B series ) HP
Hydraulic pump motor 1 mm
Coolant pump motor 1.4 mm
Upper slide feed graduation 3.5 (Rev.) 0.05 (Gra.) mm
Upper slide micro feed graduation 0.1 (Rev.) 0.001 (Gra.) mm
Lower slide feed graduation 10(Rev.) 0.05 (Gra.) mm
Lower slide micro feed graduation 0.2 (Rev.) 0.001 (Gra.) mm
Dressing device graduation 2 (Rev.) 0.01 (Gra.) mm
Regulating wheel tilt angle. ±5° deg.
Regulating wheel swivel angle ±5° deg.
Machine dimensions (W*D*H) 2300*1800*1600 mm
Machine weight 3300 kg


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