Milling center CNC controller VMC 1260

Table specifications Table Surface Mm 610*1400
T-Slots Mm 18*5*100
Table Loading Kg 1200
Dimensions X Axis Longitudinal Travel Mm 1200
Y Axis cross Travel Mm 600
Z Axis Vertical Travel Mm 600
Spindle Center to Table Surface Mm 120~720
Spindle Center to column Surface Mm 680
Door opening Width mm 1400
Spindle Spindle Taper(Standard/Option) BT40
Spindle Speed Rpm STD: 8000 OPT: 10000, 12000
Rapid Feed Rate m/min 30(Linear X.Y)20(Box Z)
Cutting Feed  Rate Mm/min 5-10000
motors Spindle motor(Standard/option) Hp 15
3 Axes Motor(X/Y/Z) Kw 2/2.5/2
Other Features Auto Tool changer(Standard/option) STD: Carouse20T   OPT: Arm 24T
Power Requirement Kw 30
Air Pressure Kgs/cm2 6
Cooling Motor Hp 3.4
Cooling Tank Capacity L 300
Machine Weight Kg 7000
Machine Size(L*W*H) Mm 3200*2200*2500


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