Nomura CNC swiss type NN-16S6

اطلاع از قیمت و خرید : 09128476905 | 09128475025

Nomura swiss type Features

  • Ability to produce simple and accurate parts
  • No side spindle
  • Maximum number of tools 12 for the main spindle with 3 axes
  • Minimum angular accuracy of 0.0001 degrees for the main and secondary spindle c axis.
  • Maximum speed 8000 rpm for the main spindle side drilling tool.
  • Using the latest controller technology from Mitsubishi (MITSUBISHI M70-A)
  • Use of high quality manual sharpening to increase the accuracy and longevity of the device.
Content Name NN-16S6
Type S
NC Mitsubishi M70A
Max. Machining capacity Ø16
Main Spindle ($1) Main Spindle Tool Lay-out 3 axis
Max. Spindle speed 10,000
Power 2.2
Sub Spindel ($2) Sub Spindle Tool Lay-out _
Max. Spindle speed _
Power _
Max. Number of tools 12 tools
$1 O.D. tools Number of tools 5 tools (Option: 4 tools)
Bite size □12.7
$1 I.D. tools Number of tools ER11 × 4 tools
$1 Cross tools Max. Speed 8,000
Power 0.4
Number of tools ER11 × 3 tools
$2 O.D. tools Number of tools
Bite size
$2 I.D. tools Number of tools
$2 Cross tools Max. Speed
Number of tools
$2 ECC tools Number of tools
No. of Axis (C1, C2 excluded) 3
Stroke Z1 110
X1 114
Y1 255
Dimension Size (LxWxH) 1,945 x 980 x 1,660
Weight 1,700
• O.D tool post  Holder
• Application Simple and precise turning of parts
Servo Looping Station 1
Servo Rotary Wire
Probe 2
Support 4
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