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Tabriz Controlafzar Technical Engineering Company is proud to be a pioneer and innovator in the industry of supplying various types of CNC machine tools with the sincere support of its professional and young forces who are the pride of the company and customer satisfaction by providing up-to-date and appropriate machines. The tools and services needed by Iranian industrialists should take firm steps towards the prosperity of dear Iran.
Tabriz Controlafzar Company is active in designing and manufacturing the following machines:
CNC lathe machines
Cnc milling machines
Vmc cars
Vertical CNC lathes
Gate milling for chipping
Pipe bending machines
Shaping the end of the pipe
CNC machine for producing compression springs, torsion springs, friction springs
Progressive sheet forming machines
Tabriz Controlafzar is proud to announce that the company currently has the capacity to produce 300 CNC machines per year.
Tabriz Controlafzar is proud to announce that the company currently has the capacity to produce 300 CNC machines per year.
Tabriz Controlafzar was established in 1979 with the aim of automation and then entered the CNC repair phase. At present, the production of various CNC machines using the highest quality Japanese and Taiwanese parts is on the agenda and is being built under the license of three Taiwanese companies. The main customers of this company are car industry activists, mold makers and machine service providers. Fortunately, the quality, price, after-sales service as well as the variety of the company’s products have a very high position and the general buyers are always satisfied with this issue. announced .
According to the engineering core, the subject of research and development is always considered by the experts of this company and the most important thing is to invest in the production of industrial machines. At the same time, agreements and memoranda of understanding have been concluded with several reputable international companies to pursue and realize the issue of localization in practice.

COntrol afzar team

شرکت کنترل افزار تبریز

Dr. Javad Alizadeh


شرکت کنترل افزار تبریز

Shabnam Abdollahi

(Supply Manager)
Date of birth: 1369/3/22
Degree: Master of Industrial Engineering
Specialty: performing customs affairs and registering orders, domestic and foreign trade

Alireza Ayari

(R&D and Factory Manager )
Date of birth: 1363/10/19
Degree: Master of Executive Management

Shohre Negari

(Finance Manager)
Date of birth: 1/16/1356
Degree: Bachelor of Accounting

Ebrahim Zarghami

(Electronics Supervisor )
Date of birth: 1374/4/27
Degree: Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Power)
Specialty: industrial automation, plc programming, HMI CNC machine repairs (control, electrical panel …)

Ali Moanzeh

( After Sales Service)
Date of birth: 1378/2/6
Degree: Software Associate
Specialties: Mechanic, Control Specialist (fanuc _ mitsubishi _Hust)

 (Administrative Manager)




Ali Solhi

(Technical Supervisor of Machining)
Date of birth: 1371/7/4
Degree: Bachelor of Automotive Mechanics
Specialty: Lathe and milling operator





Nasim Esputin

(Research and Development Expert)
Date of birth: 1376/11/27
Degree: Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
Specialty: Production Planning and Control, International Trade, Product Technical Research

Amirhosseyn Kariminezhad

(IT Manager)
Date of birth: 1381/4/3
Degree: Bachelor of Computer Engineering
Specialty: Microsoft Man, IT & Network Manager, Cisco Specialist

Shirin PourMehdi

(Office Manager)
Date of birth: 2/28/1372
Degree: Associate in manufacturing and manufacturing machine tools
Specialty: milling, welding, turning, assembly, installation
Masoud Mojrab (Technical Expert (Power))
Date of birth: 1376/2/13
Degree: Bachelor of Electronics
Specialty: Electricity and Power
Majid Soraya (machining-assembly expert)
Date of birth: 1371/8/16
Degree: Bachelor of Agriculture
Specialty: assembling milling, grinding
Ayub Amri (Machining-Assembly Expert)
Date of birth: 1369/2/17
Degree: Bachelor of Construction. Production of machine tools
Specialty: Cnc lathe operator and cnc milling machine, repairs and assembly of industrial machines
Mostafa Naderi (technical expert (mottion))
Date of birth: 1366/6/15
Degree: Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Power)
Specialty: Industrial electricity, industrial automation

Reza Mozaffari (Services Department)

Asghar Asghari (Supplier)

Hossein Sepehrian (Machining Expert)
Date of birth: 1367/11/16

Degree: Bachelor of Construction and Production – Machine tool

Sayad Farajpour (Services Department)