Tabriz Office


Factory address: Tabriz – Tabriz Road – Sufian – Foreign Investment Town – End of Asia Street 4 – No. 66.

Tehran office

Tehran office address: Ashrafi Isfahani Boulevard – beginning of Marzdaran – North side – No. 247 – Second floor – West unit

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Alireza AyYari / R&D and factory maneger



Shabnam Abdullahi / Purchasing Manager
Ebrahim Zarghami / Technical Assistant


Shohre Negari / financial manager
Ali Monazah / technical support
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    Parts suppliers
    In order to support domestic suppliers and manufacturers and to complete its supply chain for in-house production of CNC lathes and milling machines, Tabriz Controlafzar Company invites the following companies to supply the following parts and services.
    Service matters:
    Model maker: wooden model and aluminum casting model
    Casting: Casting with wood and aluminum models and foam models in full productive method
    Machining: Having gate or boring milling machines with appropriate accuracy or heavy milling and turning
    Flat stone machine in the dimensions of 1500 * 1500 and stone-axis machine – mustard
    Laser cutting – sheet working, sheet bending
    Welder – structural maker
    Parts Suppliers:
    Rails and wagons, ball bearings, ball bearings, ball bearings, couplings
    Bearings: Ball bearings, spindle bearings and other types of bearings
    Incoder and spindle belts, Foley timing
    Controller, drive motor, spindle motor
    Lathe spinner, incoder, three systems and three-system rear jack
    Pneumatic and hydraulic valves and jacks, hydraulic parts and hydraulic packs
    Soap water pump and related parts
    Lubrication accessories and parts, lubrication tank
    All kinds of industrial bolts and nuts
    Components and electronics of industrial panels and automation
    Telescopic cover and accordion cover and body cover
    Special tool – unit maker – fixture maker

    Form of cooperation with companies