Grinding Machine CGM-403010


Specifications of CNG stone CGM-403010

Parameters Parameters Unit CGM-403010
Size of Worktable(L×W×H) mm 1000×300×400
Max.Longitudinal Movement of Worktable mm 1100
Max.Distance from the Spindle Centerline to the Worktable Surface mm 570
Max.Cross Movement Grinding Head mm 350
Vertical Movement of the Grinding Head by Handwheel 1 gard mm 0.01
1 rev mm 1
Rapid Lifting Motor power kw 0.37
speed r/min 1440
Abrasive Wheel Dim(D×d×w) mm Φ350×40×127
Speed of Grinding Wheel r/min 1440
Total Power of Motor kw 9
Power of Spindle Motor kw 5.5
Power of Oil Pump Motor kw 3
Parallelism of Work Piece

Surface to Base Level

mm 0.015/1000
Surface Roughness um Ra:0.63
N/G Weight kg 3680/4000
Package(L×W×H) mm 2800×1750×2350


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