Specifications of CNC Stone CGM-6030

Parameters Parameters Unit CGM-6030 
Working Surface of Table mm 300×600 (12″×24″)
Max.Table Travel mm 660
Max.Cross Travel mm 340
Distance Between Table Surface and Spindle Center mm 520
Max.Table Load kgs 420
T-Solt (Number×Width) mm 1×14
Table Speed m/min 5~25
Cross feed Handwheel 1gard mm 0.02
1 rev 5
Automatic Cross feed of Saddle mm 0.5~12
Power Cross Feed 50HZ mm/min 790
60HZ 950
Grinding Wheel Dimensions mm 355×40×127
Spindle Speed 50HZ rpm 1450
60HZ 1740
Vertical Handwheel 1gard mm 0.01
1 rev 2
Automatic Down Feed Rate mm
Power Head Increment mm/min
Spindle Motor kw 4
Vertical Motor w
Hydraulic Motor kw 1.5
Dust Collection Motor w 550
Coolant Motor w 90
Crossfeed Motor w 90
Floor Space mm 2600×2500
Packing Dimensions mm 2150×1940×2195
Net Weight kgs 1800
Gross Weight kgs 2100


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