Gear Hobbing Device YK3612CNC6

اطلاع از قیمت و خرید : 09120122751


The main technical parameters of the gear hub YK3612CNC6

2.5 mm The largest machining diameter
2.5 m The largest processing module
110 mm Work surface diameter
80 mm The largest diameter cutter
90 mm The biggest tool length
13、16 mm The use of tool rod specifications
BT30 The spindle taper specifications
3000 rpm Highest hob shaft speed
440 rpm Workpiece axis of the highest speed
105 mm X trip
80 mm Y trip
300 mm Z trip
±45° ° Workpiece angle
5000 mm X axis maximum fast moving speed
2000 mm Y axis maximum fast moving speed
5000 mm Z axis maximum fast moving speed
18 kw The total power of electric machine
2220x2020x2020 mm Machine tool appearance size
4600 kg Machine weight

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