fiber laser cutting machine P3015 -2KW

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      Machine parts: Advantages:
      Raytools auto focus laser head Optimization of the optical configuration ,smooth and efficient air flow design rotary knob focus adjustment, more easy and flexible
      Cast Iron Bed Life time about 50 years.Cast iron bed and once formed, damping effect is good, to ensure cutting accuracy; bed will not be deformed
      WIFI wireless control For providing quickly service, we add WIFI function for our technician operates troubleshooting and adjust parameters remotely
      Japan Yaskawa servo motor It  has  many  functions,  including  auto-adjusting,  position/speed control and internal positioning sequences etc.
      Taiwan HIWIN square rail Famous brand, HIWIN 35mm width, high precision
      Japan SMC pneumatic components High efficient gas saving
      Cypcut control system Perfect fault capture system, Multifunction & automatic
      Laser source More than 100000 hours work-life of pumped diode
      France MOTOREDUCER High precision, high hardness, strong wear resistance.
      Water cooling device Dual cooling function for laser source and laser head
      Auto lubrication system Electrical lubrication is a kind of gear pump with rational construction, great performance, complete functions..
      Bovine roll beads All around design with ball bearing, easy to edge feeding.
      Blade table Sawtooth blade table, suitable for sheet metal cutting.
      Air   pressure   real   time   monitoring system Automatic control of gas output.
      CE certification Europe standard

      Exchange platform

      The machine is equipped with an exchanged double working platform. While working on one table, the other platform can load and unload the sheet work piece

      Technical Parameter of OR-P3015:

      Maximum working area 3000×1500mm
      X-Axis Travel 1500mm
      Y-Axis Travel 3000mm
      Z-Axis Travel 315mm
      X/Y axis Positioning accuracy 0.03mm
      X/ Yaxis repeat positioning accuracy 0.02mm
      X/Y axis Maximum moving speed 140m/min
      Maximum acceleration 1.2G
      Maximum load of working platform 600kg
      Dimensions (length*width* height) 8000*2600*2300mm
      Machine weight 8000kgs
      laser power 1kw , 1.5 kw , 2kw,3kw,4kw


      • 15 to 20 years lifetime
      • Can be used for carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum and copper with different thicknesses
      •  Low thermal sensitivity, high accuracy after long time use.
      •  Casting iron machine body with high carbon content, improve stability during high speed operation.
      •  No deformation
      •  Good damping effect
      •  Lower notch sensitivity

      Imported from Japan, it using closed loop control method which can guarantee the realize accurate positioning and the dynamic response of the optimal acceleration. And improve the stability, reliability of the machine.

      Increasing the suppress vibration system.(It can improve performance and save time as well.)

      It can reduced the Vibration of drive when it is used.

      Easy to install and set the parameters and Easy to adjustment.

      Japan NSK Bearing:

      The main products in NSK is bearing. It is the biggest bearing manufacture in Japan.

      Taiwan Hiwin Guide Rail (35mm rail will be totally guarantee the high accuracy and best effect)


      No need lubrication system, saving the oil cost.

      Easy for maintenance, for usual practice, it can work for many years without maintenance.

      Easy for installing and dismantling.

      Cypcut Controller and Software

      A. Controller Features: Cypcut is a set of excellent laser cutting control system, the set of documents to read, design, output, and processing control. One set of software can complete the whole process from design to processing.

      B. Controller functions: Cypcut provides a wealth of laser cutting process parameters, flexible layout, cutter path editing ability, In & out, bridge, edge, light compensation, automatic curve smoothing, division, merger, distinguish between internal and external mold, etc from soup to nuts.

      C.Suppoted fiber source: IPG, Max ,etc

      D.Compatible format: .plt, .ai, .dxf,.plt, .gerber.

      E. Suppoted language: English, Russian, Chinese currently.

      F. Changing Gas Automatically by software.

      Machine Application

      Advertising board, sheet metal structure, Hv/lv electrical ark production, textile machinery parts, kitchen utensils, car, machinery, elevator, electric parts, spring coil slice, subway line spare parts, etc, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium

      هد لیزر فوکوس اتوماتیک Raytools

      تنظیم و بهینه سازی آسان و منعطف  موقعیت نور و جریان هوا

      تنه ریخته گری شده با چدن

      دارای طول عمر بالا در حدود 50 سال ، بستر یک تیکه ریخته  گری شده با چدن خاکستری، اثر میرایی ارتعاش برای اطمینان از دقت برش بالا ، عدم تنش یا تغییر شکل بدنه

      کنترل بیسیم WIFI

      ارائه سریع تنظیمات دستگاه و عیب یابی

      سروو موتور ژاپن یاسکاوا

      تنظیم خودکارموقعیت و کنترل سریع و توالی و ترتیب موقعیت یابی

      ریل تایوانی برند Hiwin

      برند مشهور تایوانی ، 35 میلیمتر عرض ریل ، دقت بالا

      اجزای پنوماتیک SMC ژاپن

      صرفه جویی در مصرف بالای  گاز و طول عمر بالا

      سیستم کنترل Cypcut

      سیستم  چند منظوره و اتوماتیک و دارای سیست عیب یابی عالی

      منبع لیزر

      بیش از 100000 ساعت عمر دیود های پمپ

      گیربکس کاهنده ساخت فرانسه

      دقت بالا ، سختی بالا ، مقاومت در برابر سایش قوی

      سیستم خنک کننده با آب

      عملکرد خنک کننده دوگانه برای منبع لیزر و هد لیزر

      سیستم روغن کاری اتوماتیک

      روغنکاری اتوماتیک تمام قطعات

      غلطک هدایت کننده

      وجود غلطک های هدایت کننده اطراف میز جهت گذاشت آسان قطعه

      میز تیغه

      میز تیغه اره ای ، مناسب برای برش ورق فلز

      سیستم نظارت بر زمان واقعی فشار هوا

      کنترل خودکار خروجی گاز

      گواهینامه CE

      استاندارد اروپا

      HS code


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