Specifications of coolant pump

Single Phase. 110V/220V.AC

50/60 Hz. 1ɸ


0.042 KW

Power Consumption

10 – 30 Lit / Minute

Suction Capacity

When the oil coolant into the water tank of  machine , the Ozone PPM is 0.1 PPM

Value of Ozone

20 Minute /water tank

Ozone capacity

535*445*870 mm

Machine Size(L*W*H)

45 kg











Features of coolant pump


Coolant is used for cooling, lubrication, washing and anti-corrosion. Problems with this liquid include odor, cauterization and skin allergies. And it smells bad, which in addition to wasting resources is also harmful to humans. Our new method offers a solution that protects the environment by using ozone to eliminate unpleasant odors. Increases the service life of the machine, reduces wasted materials, improves the accuracy of the machined surface, and reduces the time of fluid replacement by the operator.

Attributes :

1) Reduction of molecules

2) Water purification

3) Filtering impurities

4) Disinfect the odor

5) Separate the oil
6) Recyclable oil

7) Low implementation cost

8) Reduce the risk of skin irritation and irritation

9) High impact


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