اطلاع از قیمت و خرید : 09120122751

1) Main structure based on Variac mechanism (variable transformer) and servo motor
2) Three-phase system with the ability to independently correct the voltage in each phase and phase coordination (Phases balance)
4) Complete sinusoidal output (linear)
5) Ability to adjust and correct the output voltage in the required and desired ranges
6) Complete electrical protection measures (including overcurrents, phase shifts, phase control, etc.)
7) attenuation of network electrical noise
8) All-electronic linear control system (without electric relay)
9) Voltage correction without waveform distortion (without harmonic)
10) Low impact of cosine Phi
11) Warning outside the allowed range (optical and audio)
12) Equipped with circuit (Maintenance, static) by pass and zero output circuit
13) Equipped with thermal switch to protect against excess currents
14) The ability of the system to respond to instantaneous loads of up to 200% and 150% for one minute
15) Ability to work with diesel generator power (not affected by change of input phase frequency)
16) Minimum heat loss of the system set (change in efficiency less than 1% due to 40 ° C temperature change)
17) Correction speed of 85 volts per second
18) High efficiency (at least 98%)
19) Output power factor 0.99
20) Has all electrical indicators of voltage and current (each phase independently)
21) Electronic operational and information accuracy for 0.3 volts
22) Ability to work at temperatures of – 10 to + 50 degrees Celsius
23) Safe start (self check of the device in 4 to 8 seconds) (Self check) with the ability to adjust and start automatically
24) Air forced cooling system with the ability to adjust the operating temperature
25) Necessary physical protections of all electrical and electronic parts of the complex
26) Ability to change and upgrade the system (Upgradable)
27) Ability to easily and quickly access parts of the system from all aspects of the device for service and repairs
28) Has a metal container (cabinet) with the required thickness (proportional to the weight of the device) and electrostatic powder coating and resistant to decay and all kinds of chemicals – washable
29) Provide all technical drawings of repairs and training of customer technical personnel to eliminate problems and principled use
30) Utilizing high quality and standard electrical components
31) Low volume compared to other systems
32) Default input voltage range in each phase as single phase 7.5% + 17.5% – (Customizable can be increased up to 15% + 30% -)
33) Use of standard electrical items with warranty
* 33) Equipped with EMI filter
* 33) Has a multimeter at the input and output of the device
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