Nomura Swiss type model 20J2

اطلاع از قیمت و خرید : 09120122751

Features of Nomura 20J2 Swiss type


  • High efficiency and possibility of turning complex parts
  • Suitable for mass production of precision parts such as bone screw and dental implants.
  • Maximum number of tools 30 for main and secondary spindles.
  • Main and secondary spindle with 3-axis tool.
  • Minimum angular accuracy 0.0001 degrees for the main and secondary spindle c axis.
  • Maximum speed 6000 rpm for main and secondary spindle side drilling tools.
  • Minimal thermal and vibration error due to the use of integrated casting body.
  • Using the latest MITSUBISHI controller technology (MITSUBISHI M70V-A)
  • Use of high quality manual sharpening to increase the accuracy and longevity of the device.
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